DONSOL- WHALESHARK ADVENTURE & TOURS has something for Everyone. Come, see & experience all we can offer. We take you to places, & events that you can pack in your memories and bring home to friends and loved ones. Swim and interact with our WHALE SHARK, the largest gentle fish in the world! Go for island hopping, take a dip in white beaches or a splash in our natural hot & cold springs resort! Opt for diving at world famous Manta Bowl with the sightings of Oceanic Manta rays, Treshershark, Hammerheads or catch the splendor of our water panorama! Climb our mountains, catch the view of our majestic perfect coned Mayon, or the mysterious Bulusan Volcano, or be among our satisfied guests at the world class CWC water boarding destination - now gaining wider popularity.

Plus possible extended trips to other tourist destination or other less explored places of your choices! And a lot more………….. Whaleshark Adventure & Tours your friendly guide will make it happen! You can contact me to my mobile phone +63 921-929 3811 or email me at Thanks.
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