Emergency First Response

First Aid First.

Accidents happen daily, and these accidents can happen on land, in the water, or even up in the skies. The distance and time between the emergency medical system and the accident site is critical. The difference between life and death can be determined by how soon first aid is applied.

The Emergency First Response program trains you in first aid which can be applied not only in diving but in our everyday lives. The Emergency First Response program will cover everything taught in all standard first aid courses PLUS the first aid techniques unique to the water. Upon completion, you’ll be qualified first-responder whether an accident occurs in or out of the water.

Pre-requisite: None


  • Emergency First Response Course (with a certified Dive Instructor and Dive Master)
  • Emergency First Responder Certification upon completion of the course

Emergency First Response

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Emergency First Response

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Php6,900 per person

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