Firefly watching & river cruise

Donsol river which is 100 km long and 100 meter wide, winding river lined by mangrove forest, coconut tress and shrubs. The water and the thriving vegetation make the area a perfect habitat for fireflies. Thousands of fireflies could be seen dancing in the trees and rippling through the water every evening after sunset.
After an exhausting day at sea or any activity, river cruising and firefly watching is just a relaxing treat, be fascinated by the numerous male firefly flashing lights to attract female firefly. Just like a Christmas tree out of December.
Catamaran Cruise: maximum of 30 seats
Small boat: 5 person only
Tour Inclusions: Boat, local, guide, round trip transfer (from your hotel in Donsol and back)
Duration of tour: 1 hour
Buffet dinner can be arrange, only for Catamaran cruise with additional cost of Php350 per person
*Photo credit to the owner

Starts at Php 500 per person

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