Open Water Diver Course

Open Water Diver is the most popular diver program in the world – and your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure. You’ll learn about scuba fundamentals, equipment and techniques. Plus, practice skills by diving in a pool or pool like body of water; and experience several open water dives with an instructor.

Divers are people just like you.

Virtually anyone in good health and reasonably fit can learn to scuba dive. Participants as young as 10 may complete the PADI Open Water Diver program and receive a junior credential until they reach 15 years of age.
The adventure continues.

After successful completing the program, you’ve earned the Open Water Diver certification card. This card is recognized in more countries and territories around the world than any other and your ticket to dive charters and resort diving, equipment rentals and purchases, and opportunities to expand your diving skills through Advanced and Specialty Dive Adventures.

•Earn the world renowned Open Water Diver card
•Your Ticket to extraordinary dive adventures
•Meet people, go to places, do things underwater
•Apply the skills you learned to more advanced diving programs

Pre-requisite: None


•Open Water Course Fee (with a certified Dive Instructor and Dive Master)
•Lectures (duration: 8 – 12 hours)
•Pool Sessions (duration: 8 – 12 hours)
•Open Water Dives – 4 open water training dives to a nearby reefs
•Open Water Training Manual
•Dive Chart
•Dive Log Book
•Open Water Certification Card upon completion of the course
•Rentals of complete scuba diving equipment for the duration of the course
•Membership to Bicol Dive Center


•Resort fees (Php150)
•Boat fees (as necessary, surcharge may apply should the student wish to do the training dives in a further reef)

Starts at Php 19,750 per person

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